The Weather Channel, Snapwise launch uCiC program

Snapwise Inc. has started a pilot program with The Weather Channel to use Snapwise´s uCiC app platform to source weather videos and photos from across the United States, the company said.

uCiC adds to the The Weather Channel´s existing set of tools to engage its viewers and ask them to submit videos of how they are affected by severe weather.

The Weather Channel and its affiliated services, The Weather Channel HD, The Weather Channel On Demand, Weatherscan and Local Now, provide local and national weather coverage through regular scheduled programming and live news updates. Meteorologists use direct feeds from satellites, weather stations, and partner organizations to report the latest weather developments.

Snapwise Inc. is an independent app developer and maker of uCiC, a mobile app that lets users see any place in the world at the present moment. Users pick a location on the world map, find another uCiC user there, and request a quick photo or video, all in a matter of seconds.