The TeleDentists partners with Call A Doctor Plus

The TeleDentists, providing virtual dentist visits for urgent oral/dental problems 24/7/365 and face-to-face next day appointments when needed, has announced a strategic partnership with Call A Doctor Plus, which serves employers and groups, families and individuals, brokers and agents with 24/7 access to quality healthcare, the company said.

As a reseller of The TeleDentists, Call A Doctor Plus integrates virtual dentist solutions into its overall portfolio of services addressing financial, mental and physical health. The roll-out includes several thousand enrollees on a per member per month basis, with expectations that enrollment will reach 100,000 members in 2019.

The TeleDentists will be featured alongside Call A Doctor Plus key partnerships that include Teladoc Health, Life Assistance, Medical Bill Saver and Discount Prescription Card. Call A Doctor Plus is a sister company to the TeleCare Partners Group, a provider of virtual healthcare to institutions serving the eldercare sector.

The TeleDentists is pioneering tele-dentistry with an easily accessible solution to urgent oral and dental problems 24/7/365. A proprietary, national network of Board Licensed dentists use secure online video consults to connect with patients´ smart phones, laptops or tablets. They diagnose problems, start remediation and, when needed, arrange next business day appointments with a conveniently located dentist. The service is available to hospitals, urgent care facilities, retail clinics, self-insured corporations, senior-living centers, universities and telemedicine service providers. Visit