The PARRIS Law Firm secures 7-figure verdict in wrongful termination case against Swissport

Los Angeles-based PARRIS law firm has announced it has obtained a USD 1,050,000 verdict in a wrongful termination case for a man who was wrongfully terminated from Swissport, an air transport company, after it refused to accommodate his disability, the company said.

Alejandro Gonzalez, a long-time employee of Swissport, suffered a thoracic aortic aneurysm. In January 2017, when he attempted to return to work, with a doctor-recommended reduced capacity due to his heart issues, Swissport´s HR team informed Alejandro that he was no longer employed and that he should collect unemployment.

In terminating him, Swissport also terminated his health insurance benefits. When his health insurance lapsed, he could not afford his medications and soon after sustained a stroke putting him back in the hospital.

In spite of his 10+ years at the company, the physician-approved limitations on his work-load, and the fact that he´d suffered a severe heart event just months prior, Swissport wrongfully terminated Alejandro thus violating his employee rights and the law. When Swissport was caught violating the law, they lied and claimed that he quit his employment with the company.

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