The digital way of living our lives

The Netflix effect

We have all heard of the Netflix effect by now. Most of us can’t even remember the last time we went to the cinema to watch a movie. It’s becoming increasingly common to prefer the online alternative and watch movies or shows on a platform such as Netflix or Amazon Prime.

Most industries are trying to collect data on its customers to be able to predict what customers want next. By using Al-powered algorithms brands such as Netflix have been able to create personalized recommendations for each user but also been able to build an idea as to what they should produce next to keep their customers interest. By using these methods they can direct a majority of their investments into new original content rather than just investing in technology which is what keeps consumers subscribed.

The way we watch movies is undoubtedly changing, and Hollywood isn’t happy. But the film and TV industry is not the only medium that has been affected by the rising popularity of our lives moving more and more online.

The death of Vegas

We have seen a similar shift in the casino business. Land-based casinos are no longer as attractive in comparison to their online counterpart. There is no denying the popularity of online gaming and that it has been a success story in the global economy. It has been estimated that the online casino industry will be worth closer to $60 billion in just 2020.

With the industry still booming it is an exciting time for online slot games and the industry as a whole. Innovative slot machines keep developing through progressive layouts, special features and imaginative bonus rounds. New innovations could be in the form of high-variance slots to keep the players on the edge of their seats and multi-player slots where players can increase their chance of winning big while also ramping up the fun factor that comes with playing with friends.

Adapting to technological enhancements, which gives players an immersive experience, whether they are playing on a mobile device or a computer, has made it fit perfectly into today’s digital world. If the casino industry continues to grow alongside the development of technology, its consumers would not even have to leave their home to feel like they are playing in a real casino with the use of technology such as virtual reality.

Our very lives lived online

So as we move more and more online, what does the future hold? We date online, communicate with our friends online, read our news and do our shopping online. By now, digitalisation is affecting every aspect of our lives.

As we move deeper into this era we can see one potential risk which is that our greatest challenge will become immobility. We were created to move and to keep moving and if we embrace a digital life to the extent we become demobilized it will have dire consequences for us as a race. The internet has come with tremendous benefits but as we continue to advance technology and become more and more dependent on it, will there be a day when we can no longer distinguish reality from our lives online?