Textmunication Holdings Acquires Resonate Blends

Textmunication Holdings, Inc. (OTCQB: TXHD), a cannabis holding company, announced its entry into the cannabis sector by acquiring Resonate Blends LLC (“Resonate”), a California-based cannabis wellness lifestyle product company built on a proprietary system of experiential targets, the company said.

Resonate is building a brand-focused, seed-to-sale, vertically integrated cannabis organization offering trusted brands of consistent quality. The company also acquired Entourage Labs LLC (“Entourage Labs”) from Resonate. Entourage Labs is the Intellectual Property (IP) subsidiary of Resonate.

Resonate and Entourage will be wholly owned subsidiaries of Textmunication Holdings, Inc. The company will immediately file for a company name and ticker symbol change to reflect the holding company´s new focus. The Resonate leadership team will be announced in the coming days.

Based in Silicon Valley, Textmunication Holdings Inc. is a cannabis holding company centered on a seed-to-sale, vertically integrated and valued-added wellness lifestyle brand. The holding company is assembling the highest quality cultivation, innovation, technology, product development, retail and supply chain resources to manage and optimize financial performance and assure quality control.

Resonate Blends, a wholly owned subsidiary, is offering a luxury cannabis-based wellness lifestyle product family based on consistent quality, unique formulations and maximizing the user experience. Committed to ongoing innovation, Textmunication is building a portfolio of cannabis businesses and assets around cultivators, manufacturers, distributors, brands, bioscience and technology companies. For more information: www.resonateblends.com