Textellent announces patented TCPA compliance for texting

Textellent, a SMS texting platform for customer service and marketing, announced it has been awarded a patent for their innovation that includes new TCPA compliance capability leveraging artificial intelligence, the company said.

With stiff fines for violations of the FCC´s TCPA compliance regulations, businesses are looking for ways to protect themselves from this liability. Textellent´s innovative approach uses machine learning & sentiment analysis to detect those customers that are likely to be dissatisfied and “opt-out” of receiving text messages from a given company.

The industry norm is to ask recipients to send a “stop” message to opt out, but falls short of recognizing if recipients reply in other ways leaving businesses at continued risk for TCPA violations which can be USD 500 – USD 1500 per incident. Textellent has applied unique techniques to solve this problem as well as to identify dissatisfied customers so customer-service processes can be improved.

With Textellent, at-risk recipients are automatically opted out of receiving future messages, flagged and maintained in an audit trail. Even more useful, is that their messages can be identified for review so that businesses can get insights as to why people might be opting out of text messages when they previously had opted in.

Headquartered in Irving, TX, Textellent is a SMS marketing and campaign platform provider offering innovative capabilities that can be integrated with CRM systems to automate, yet personalize powerful marketing, sales and customer service texting campaigns. With Textellent´s robust self-service appointment scheduling services, sophisticated drip campaigns and patented TCPA compliance using artificial intelligence, businesses are able to offer an unparalleled customer experience.