Texas city amends ordinance to begin gigabit Internet connectivity

A unanimous decision was made by the Celina (Texas) City Council to approve the Easement Ordinance amendment to require all developers to install fiber optic lines and conduits in all new developments within the confines of the city, the council said.

The city of Celina, through the Celina Economic Development Corporation, is designing and will soon start the construction of an 86-mile fiber optic backhaul network across the entire city. Through developer and building ordinances and other public-private partnerships, Celina will add another 64 square miles of fiber optic network which will connect every residential, business and municipal rooftop to this fiber optic backbone.

The ordinance that passed states, “… a fiber optic network in the City of Celina, Texas is a fundamental aspect of the infrastructure required to educate youth, create jobs, promote public safety, improve citizens´ standards of living and deliver essential services.”

Fiber optic lines use glass/plastic threads to transmit data. The open access network will lead to faster communication and Internet speeds for consumers and commercial businesses, creating the first true Gigabit City in the state of Texas. The definition and commitment of Celina´s Gigabit City is to provide a minimum of 1 Gbps (Gigabit per second) up and down connectivity speed to every residential and business across the city.

Celina is a suburban community located in North Texas. Its strategic location, about 40 miles outside of Dallas, promotes a diverse economy with the ability to maintain its hometown atmosphere.