Terraphotonics release supports 400G data transport

Terraphotonics Systems Corporation–a provider of DWDM optical mux/demultiplexer in North America–has released 40-channel C-band DWDM optical mux/demultiplexer (MUX/DMX) 1RU chassis product, which is designed for supporting 400G data transport, the company said.

The super flat-top DWDM MUX/DMX product is made up of ultra wideband Athermal AWGs (AAWGs) that could be used for 400G data transmission. The data transmission capacity at 400G is necessary technology solution in ever-increasing data traffic trend in the up-and-coming 5G world.

The LTE and LTE-A telecommunication periods are best served by 10G SFP+, 40G CFP ~CFP4, and 100G CFP8 transceivers; however, 400G data transmission capability envisioned by high-performance data centers is becoming the market reality on the horizon.

After seven years of 100G Ethernet standard, the IEEE launched P802.3bs 400GbE task force in March 2014 to increase data transport capability required to handle soaring data traffic volume driven by proliferation of video streaming (e.g., popularity of Netflix), social media-based image app usages (e.g., Facebook), super-scale data centers (e.g., Google Data Center), mobile phones, cloud computing, and 5G carriers. This task force has planned to complete its standard by December 2017.

With offices in Los Angeles (Winnetka), Terraphotonics was launched in 2012 to promote a comprehensive range of passive DWDM modules designed to meet a wide variety of optical data transport applications. Terraphotonics DWDM Mux/DeMux modules are widely used in telecom metro networks, long-haul transport networks, and enterprise data center networks.