Terminus Gets Ramble to Power Account-Based Conversations

Terminus, the #1 customer rated account-based marketing platform, has announced its acquisition of Ramble, the account-based chat solution, the company said.

The addition of Ramble enables users to deploy real-time, account-based conversations across the entire customer journey directly within the Terminus platform, powered by Terminus´ account intelligence.

This acquisition follows the launch of on-page website personalization capabilities, and the company´s acquisition of email signature marketing solution, Sigstr, making Terminus the most complete B2B marketing platform available.

The addition of Ramble specifically enables:

Customers to add on-page chat capabilities as more buyers prefer to bypass forms in favor of real-time conversations.

Instant, precise routing of conversations so that visitors can engage with the most relevant individuals that own a given relationship.

The ability for sales, customer support, and marketing to directly engage with visitors from anywhere, via browser or mobile app.

Chatbots and workflows that provide lead qualification and data collection autonomously.
The ability to connect marketing´s various advertising and brand activities directly to sales conversations from a single platform.

All Ramble employees will immediately become Terminus employees and Justin McDonald will join the leadership team at Terminus.

Terminus is a leader of the account-based movement and the crucial link that connects B2B marketing and sales teams with their ideal customers. For more information, visit Terminus.com.

Ramble is an ABM Chat + Conversational Marketing platform that helps businesses drive more revenue by creating more sales conversations, faster. Headquartered in Atlanta, supporting customers in over 20 countries around the globe, Ramble´s chat technology helps B2B marketers connect target accounts with the right sales resource, in real-time, from any online touchpoint. For more information, visit Ramblechat.com.