Teralytics partners with Telefónica Germany, South Pole Group to combat climate change using mobile data

Big data analytics company, Teralytics has partnered with sustainability solutions specialist, South Pole Group, mobile phone operator, Telefónica Germany, and the city of Nuremberg to find a smart data solution for air pollution, the company said.

The company said as urban areas are confronted with the challenge of accelerating rates of CO2 emissions, officials seek new solutions for cleaner air. The first step starts with collecting accurate data to identify major air pollution hotspots. Taxpayer resources need to be carefully allocated and expenses need to be justified.

Teralytics is a technology company helping telecom operators, like Telefónica Germany, transform massive amounts of mobile signal data into useful insights about traffic and crowd mobility patterns on a real-time, nationwide scale.

Teralytics transforms terabytes of this signal data to provide real-time crowd movement analysis. Telefónica Germany anonymizes the data using a three-step process, which removes any personally identifiable information in the data.

Using the results of this project, the city of Nuremberg will enact measures in the regions where air quality is worst.