Teo IP phones JITC-certified for Avaya AS5300 deployment

Teo Technologies´ Avaya AS5300 has been added to the list of platforms certified interoperable with Teo VoIP phones by the Department of Defense (DoD) joint interoperability test command (JITC), the company said.

Teo´s AS-SIP endpoint certification now includes REDCOM Infinion (Next Generation), Redcom HDX, Redcom SLICE 2100, NEC univerge 3C, Avaya aura AS5300, and Genband EXPERiUS local session controllers (LSCs), along with Avaya Aura AS5300 enterprise session controller (ESC).

Teo offers AS-SIP and JITC approved endpoints for secure communications, allowing DoD installations with legacy AS5300 to upgrade endpoints today and they will be compatible with future infrastructure updates.

Teo Technologies is a US-based company that develops communications solutions for commercial, government, defense and intelligence markets.