TEN DIGIT Communications Gets Investment from Alpine Investors

TEN DIGIT Communications LLC (“TDC” or “TEN DIGIT”) the developer of TDC Bridge® Intelligent Messaging Platform for Enterprises, has announced that Alpine Investors has invested in TDC, the company said.

Alpine intends to integrate TEN DIGIT´s advanced messaging platform with Virtual Hold Technology, (VHT), a previously acquired entity. Gary Brandt, CEO and Founder of TEN DIGIT, is appointed as Special Advisor to Alpine and VHT and will also act as reseller of the integrated messaging platform.

TEN DIGIT offers a patented mobile-first engagement platform for real time, two-way conversations between business teams and the people they support. Without requiring the installation of any mobile application, TEN DIGIT uses the four standard smartphone features such as SMS, voice, mobile browsing and camera to deliver pleasing, efficient and personal mobile conversations between organizations and their customers.

Alpine is a people-driven private equity firm committed to building enduring companies by working with, learning from and developing exceptional people. Alpine specializes in middle-market companies in the software and services industries. Its PeopleFirst™ strategy includes a CEO-in-Training™ and CEO-in-Residence program where Alpine recruits and places high caliber executives into companies as part of the transaction. This provides a distinct solution for situations where additional or new management is desired post-transaction. For more information, visit http://www.alpineinvestors.com/.

Based in Hartford, CT, TEN DIGIT Communications, LLC, enables businesses to meet customers where they are through its patented TDC BRIDGE® Intelligent Messaging PlatformTM. TEN DIGIT´s easy-to-deploy platform allows business phone lines to work like consumer smartphones.

VHT provides callback software and services. To learn more, visit http://www.vhtcx.com.