Telna-KnowRoaming, Meizu to Offer Expanded Global Data Roaming Coverage

Telna-KnowRoaming, a vertically integrated network-as-a-service (NaaS) provider of global connectivity and mobility solutions, and Meizu, a smartphone manufacturer, has announced their partnership to offer expanded global LTE/4G/3G data coverage through Meizu´s international data roaming solution, the company said.

As a result, Meizu customers in mainland China can now enjoy low-cost data roaming in even more regions around the world including countries in the Middle East and Latin America. The popular travel destinations added include India, Colombia, Mexico, and the UAE.

Telna-KnowRoaming operates its own mobile network infrastructure and has direct access agreements with 800+ networks with coverage in 200+ countries/territories. Combined with its proprietary software-defined-network technology and Multi-IMSI platform, Telna-KnowRoaming is uniquely positioned to provide access to multiple top-tier networks per country/region, thereby offering increased redundancy, coverage, and reliability to the end-user.

Meizu smartphone users in mainland China can conveniently connect to low-cost international data directly from the settings menu of Meizu´s intelligent, feature-rich operating system, Flyme 6. Users can manage their roaming usage in real-time and purchase pre-paid data packages — giving Meizu customers in mainland China unprecedented control over their roaming costs.

The international data feature and dedication to the customer experience has earned Meizu a loyal following. Today, Meizu is the world´s 11th best-selling smartphone manufacturer in the world, selling over 20 million phones in 2015, according to research firm IC Insights.

Telna-KnowRoaming is a vertically integrated end-to-end network-as-a-service (NaaS) for the growing Internet of Things (IoT) economy. The company first began as KnowRoaming, a SIM technology business.

In 2014, it invested in then subsequently acquired Telna, a US-based, GSMA member wireless carrier that has direct access agreements with 800+ networks, and LTE/4G/3G coverage in 200+ countries worldwide. Today, the integrated company combines a pervasive network of networks, full back-end network infrastructure, and device hardware/software technology to offer a full and complete suite of global connectivity services. Learn more at

Founded in 2003, Meizu is one of the smartphone makers in the world. Based on user preference, Meizu has developed a series of smartphones utilizing the Android-based Flyme operation system. The company now carries three smartphone lines: the PRO, MX, and M-series and has released almost 30 smartphones models to date. According to statistics from IC Insights, Meizu is the world´s 11th largest mobile phone manufacturer in terms of unit sales.

Meizu phones are characterized by their light, comfortable design, premium sound quality, high-definition camera, and simple, elegant user interface, combining performance, ease of use and functionality with the durability needed to survive the human experience. Learn more at