Teleste introduces new video recording platform

Teleste´s new platform multiplies the capacity for storing video recordings in the company´s S-VMX video management system

Teleste, an international technology group specialised in broadband video and data communication systems and services, introduces a new video recording platform to the company´s S-VMX video management system.

The platform enables a significant increase in data storage capacity within the video management system, and further strengthens its capabilities to ensure safety and security in today´s urban environments.

As part of the S-VMX video management system, the new high density network-based video recording platform extends data storage capacity in a cost-efficient and flexible manner. There is virtually no limit to its recording capacity and the number of streams that can be processed.

Capable of multi-petabyte recording, but also processing several thousands of cameras, the platform is fully secured and backed up. Doubling the storage capacity of each disk, the new platform supports 8 terabyte hard disks, and its high definition design allows for installation of more hard disks to each rack unit than previously.

Teleste is an international technology company that develops and offers video and broadband technologies and related services. Teleste runs a worldwide network of offices and more than 90 percent of its sales are generated outside Finland.