TeleSign Launches Number Masking to Build Private Two-way Communications

TeleSign has announced it has launched Number Masking as part of its Anonymous Communications platform, the company said.

Anonymous communications allow two parties to reach each other and communicate for a short period of time without exposing their actual identities or phone numbers. Number Masking allows platforms to deliver private conversations on a trusted, global network.

TeleSign previously offered an API enabling anonymous SMS, but recently unveiled a more complete solution which combines SMS, Voice Call and Session Management. The new API enables companies to manage anonymous communications sessions without having to take on the complexities of building and managing their own logic. Customers also have the option to use TeleSign shared Sender IDs for SMS transactions instead of acquiring their own Sender IDs which may be costly depending on the country and use case.

Most companies providing a Number Masking solution simply direct customers to build and manage their own session management logic using their SMS and Voice APIs. Session management solutions, which are not readily available in the market, require additional fees in addition to the transactional cost associated with their communications APIs. TeleSign´s new Number Masking combines Session Management, SMS, and Voice to provide a complete solution and is available today at no extra charge to platforms that leverage TeleSign´s unified communications solutions.

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