Telefonix PDT launches 802.11ac, Wave 2 WAP for aircraft cabins

The Telefonix PDT team is providing greater network performance for airline customers with the introduction of the CabinACe-2 wireless access point (WAP), the industry´s first 802.11ac Wave 2 WAP for the aircraft cabin environment, the company said.

The CabinACe-2 product provides dynamic Multi-User Multiple Input/Multiple Output (MU-MIMO), significantly boosting network capacity. The company´s new IFEC hardware is the first to meet the industry´s latest adopted standard for electrical characteristics and interfaces, RF performance, size, weight, and power.

Where 802.11ac, Wave 1 offered a drastic jump in network performance over 802.11n with 80 MHz channel bandwidth and support for up to 3 spatial streams, 802.11ac, Wave 2 promises to offer another leap in improvement over Wave 1. Wave 2 technology has the potential to offer double the bandwidth (to 160 MHz), support for 4 spatial streams, and features MU-MIMO, which will support the bandwidth and capacity requirements of emerging applications for years to come.

To prepare for the anticipated adoption of Wave 2 devices, the CabinACe-2 access point engine incorporates intelligent awareness technology for Wave 2, MU-MIMO clients, automatically steering and grouping MU-MIMO devices together. This ClientMatch technology allows the unit to transmit data to multiple Wave 2 – enabled devices simultaneously, improving individual device performance and boosting overall network efficiency.

Waukegan, Illinois-based Telefonix is a design, manufacturing, and management company. In 2013, the Telefonix PDT team was created within the company to focus exclusively on product solutions for the aviation marketplace.