Tele Columbus picks Metrological to provide integrated TV, app experience

Germany-based cable operator Tele Columbus is deploying Metrological´s Application Platform to provide an integrated OTT app experience as part of its recently launched advanceTV entertainment offering, the company said.

advanceTV is Tele Columbus´ next-generation multi-screen video experience featuring the TV, movies, apps and web content. Metrological is powering the advanceTV smart app portal, which will deliver app and internet content for an enhanced viewing experience. The Metrological platform offers a wide selection of premium apps that Tele Columbus is able to source from and publish in the app store in real-time.

Metrological´s Application Platform integrates TV and Internet experiences with full lifecycle support for TV app stores and content. Operators are able to manage their branded TV app store via a cloud-based back-end that also provides real-time business intelligence data and marketing analytics. Operators have access to Metrological´s App Library, which contains over 300 apps, or can build their own apps with an open software development kit.

Metrological enables operators to integrate their TV and OTT content into a single viewer experience. Founded in 2005, Metrological is based in The Netherlands with offices in the US and Europe.

Tele Columbus Group dates back to 1972. It uses its own product platform in order to actively increase the programme offering and to develop additional services. Via its company HL komm, Tele Columbus also delivers powerful connections and network services to business customers.