Telchemy releases VQmon embedded analytics software

Telchemy, the provider of software analytics technology for real time applications and IoT, has announced the availability of VQmon 4.3, the company said.

VQmon analyzes Video Streaming, Videoconferencing, Voice over IP, Data and IPTV, providing accurate and detailed metrics in real time. The new VQmon 4.3 release adds analytics for AVS and AVS+ video codecs, QUIC and HTTP Chunked Transfer Encoding video streaming protocols, and extended support for Silk/Opus, variable rate iSAC and fast rate switched AMR-NB/WB speech codecs.

Telchemy® is the global provider of Voice and Video over IP performance management technology, embedded analytics and multimedia IoT with its VQmon®, DVQattest®, SQprobe® and SQmediator® families of service quality monitoring and analysis products. Telchemy has led the use of embedded software probe technology and the application of big data and analytics for VoIP performance management, and is positioned to be a provider of voice and video performance monitoring technology for the emerging SDN and IoT markets. Founded in 1999, the company has products deployed worldwide and markets its technology both directly and through many networking, test and management product companies.