Telchemy extends broad range of VoIP, Videoconferencing, Video Streaming, IPTV analytics

Telchemy has announced the release of Version 4.4 of its market VQmon embedded analytics technology, which adds support for SMPTE 2110 uncompressed video, streaming over QUIC, eMBMS over FLUTE and the EVS voice codec, while increasing the speed of packet processing by up to 30% compared to previous versions, the company said.

VQmon is the most widely deployed embedded analytics technology for real-time media, with an installed base of over 300 million units.

VQmon provides accurate performance and QoE analytics for VoIP, IP Video-conferencing, Video Streaming, IPTV and Data traffic. VQmon can process IP-based media traffic at rates of 2 million packets/sec (or 2 Gbits/sec) per core on a typical server, or can be integrated at a device level taking a small fraction of a MIP per media stream. VQmon has been licensed by hundreds of equipment vendors for integration into core network routers, gigabit probes, IP phones, softphones and chipsets.

SMPTE 2110 is a new standard that enables video network operators and studios to transport raw, uncompressed video over IP/Ethernet networks, replacing the older SDI technology. The addition of SMPTE 2110 analytics to VQmon will enable transport performance and video QoE analytics to be integrated directly into network and studio equipment, allowing video content and service providers to effectively monitor their uncompressed video traffic and to quickly detect and diagnose issues that negatively affect video quality.

Evolved Multimedia Broadcast/Multicast (eMBMS) with the FLUTE transport protocol provides efficient delivery of broadcast video content over LTE. VQmon´s new eMBMS/ FLUTE analytics support will enable service providers to monitor broadcast video quality in network-based probes, in core network routers or directly in end user handsets.

Telchemy® is the global provider of analytics technology for real-time applications and multimedia IoT with its VQmon®, Embiot®, DVQattest®, SQprobe® and SQmediator® families of performance monitoring and analytics products. Telchemy pioneered the use of embedded software probe technology and the application of big data and analytics for VoIP and Video performance management, and is positioned to be a provider of analytics technology for the emerging IoT markets. Founded in 1999, the company has products deployed worldwide and markets its technology both directly and through many networking, test and management product companies.