TECVINE allies with IoT provider KORE

TECVINE announced that it is partnering with KORE, to bring KORE´s award–winning tools and industry-leading Internet of Things (IoT) infrastructure to the country´s top enterprise businesses, the company said.

TECVINE assists enterprise businesses in establishing the customized, highly dynamic technical infrastructure they need for business operations. As an increasing number of organizations are quickly recognizing that a successful IoT strategy is crucial to remain competitive, TECVINE has experienced a sharp increase in the demand for its IoT services.

KORE is the global provider of managed network connectivity services and application enablement in the IoT space, and supplies a broad range of products and services that empower TECVINE to better service its customers´ IoT requirements.

Now, TECVINE´s customers will benefit from wireless connectivity expanded to a global scale. The new partnership also enables the use of multiple carrier options on a single platform so customers interact with a single provider to oversee all management and integration across all networks, and receive only one bill. The connectivity is the market´s highest quality: KORE´s ultra-secure, self-healing, highly redundant global networks approach 100% availability, removing connectivity delays and data security concerns, with hosted private network capabilities featuring encrypted VPN and SIM options.

TECVINE provides technical advisory services to businesses, helping them navigate and implement the appropriate solutions for complex business issues. TECVINE´s leadership brings over 35 years of trusted, industry experience providing Network, Cloud and Mobility solutions to its work with the country´s largest enterprise businesses. It is based in Phoenix, AZ.

KORE Wireless Group is the largest independent provider of managed network and layered applications enablement services within the emerging Internet of Things (“IoT”) market, focused on business-centric solutions and connectivity for the M2M (machine-to-machine) and telematics markets. With operations in the USA, Canada, Australia, Singapore, UK, Netherlands, Brazil and the Dominican Republic, KORE provides service to more than 3,500 applications providers and enterprise customers who integrate KORE services into diverse, industry-specific applications, including fleet management, healthcare, utilities, field services, asset management and tracking, and many more.