Technology helps enhance surveillance monitoring and patient experience

Vocera Communications, Inc. (NYSE:VCRA), a recognized provider of clinical communication and workflow solutions, has announced that Wake Forest Baptist Health deployed Vocera technology at a second hospital, Wake Forest Baptist Health Davie Medical Center, to improve clinical workflows, enhance patient surveillance, and elevate patient and staff experience, the company said.

In response to The Joint Commission Sentinel Event Alert on the safe use of opioids in hospitals, Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center initiated surveillance monitoring as the standard for most patients.

Integration between the hospital´s patient monitors and the Vocera system was critical to the surveillance program. This interoperability enabled direct and contextual notifications to be sent to the patient´s nurse when vital signs cross alarm thresholds for specified duration, which triggers timely patient assessment and treatment if indicated. Alarm thresholds and durations are set to help reduce alarm fatigue. Alarm notifications sent directly to a care team member, rather than incessantly sounding in a patient´s room, help create a quieter, more healing environment.

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