TechCrunch Disrupt chooses for live AI-powered transcription

AISense has reached a major milestone in its quest to make all important voice conversations easily accessible and searchable, the company said.

This morning, the company announced that Otter Voice Notes, its AI-powered smart note-taking app, was selected to deliver real-time transcription on screens in the hall and in Otter on mobile and web at the world´s biggest and most impactful tech startup conference, TechCrunch Disrupt, held today through September 7th in San Francisco.

The latest version of Otter–with new highly scalable social and multicasting features–will transcribe the keynote and panel presentations during the conference which will host an estimated 10,000 attendees. TechCrunch invited all attendees to download the free Otter app to avail of this new content.

Otter Live, a new product feature, will enable users to view a real-time transcript of what is being said on the main stage by using a code to join the TechCrunch Public Group in the app. Using the new Public Group feature, TechCrunch will also make a searchable archive of transcripts and recordings of all sessions available to Otter users at Disrupt.

Otter provides a new way to capture, store, search and share important voice conversations and empowers users to quickly recall the important parts of lectures, presentations, meetings, and interviews. Disrupt is the first time that a massive, high-traffic conference has instantly processed verbal dialog from every presentation and panel to create a new form of shareable content for attendees that can be archived and quickly scanned for salient points.

AISense is organizing all important voice conversations through Otter, its web and mobile application, that uses Ambient Voice Intelligenceâ„¢, a proprietary technology that gives people the power to capture, scan, search, and share important parts of voice conversations. The startup is based in Silicon Valley with a team of experienced Ph.Ds and engineers from Google, Facebook, Yahoo and Nuance. Follow on Twitter and learn more at