Tech trends that are helping to rein in the cost of commuting

Commuting can, for some workers, seem prohibitively costly – in both money and time. Workers could even find themselves cursing not being able to squeeze all of their responsibilities into the 24 hours of their day, given how even just commuting could swallow up a fair few of those hours.

However, as the tech revolution continues unabated, people are finding more and more new ways to trim the financial expense of commuting. Here are just a few that they have found.

Using a device on public transportation

If some of your work responsibilities take place outside of office hours, you could easily appreciate being able to carry out that work at times when you might otherwise simply be admiring the scenery through the window of a train or bus, should you use either, daily, for commuting purposes.

If you could carry out that work on a laptop or tablet, take one with you on public transportation, as Inc. advises. Money gained from that extra productivity could mean a net saving in commuting costs. 

Listening to podcasts and webinars while cycling

Abandoning a petrol-guzzling car in favour of a bicycle for commuting is an obviously convenient way of slashing commuting costs. If driving to work often leaves you caught in rush hours, cycling could even enable you to get to work sooner.

It’s even possible to buy electric bikes, as The Telegraph notes. The electric power of these bikes could help you to speed up your journey if you are an older worker who struggles to cycle as quickly as they could during their younger years.

Furthermore, if you take a portable music player with you, you could enjoy podcasts and webinars as you cycle. Most webinars even let you freely download the session afterwards.

Working from remote offices

If you have never previously worked in a remote office, the idea could conjure up idyllic images of typing on a laptop in bed or even on a beach. While remote offices aren’t quite like this in most instances, you could still set one up from your home or local coffee shop.

An especially important element of a reliable remote office would be a strong Wi-Fi connection, as the Xero blog attests. That connection could help you to foster productive communication.

Asynchronous communication

You shouldn’t underestimate the productivity of meetings that take place on the likes of Skype and Google Hangouts. As a remote worker, you could also enjoy ready access to such asynchronous communication services as email and chat, but also forgo using them when convenient.

That could be the case if – for example – you wish to embark on a sustained session of uninterrupted working. Also, by working from home, you could take commuting entirely out of the equation. Still, remember that your home insurance might not currently cover you working from the residence. Hence, you might need to buy new insurance; Be Wiser Business Insurance could help you to find a suitable policy that itself doesn’t weigh too heavily on your finances.