TeamSupport launches new message support

TeamSupport, a top B2B help desk and customer support software solutions company, has launched a new feature that makes it easy to post TeamSupport messages on Slack, the company said.

With about five million daily users, Slack is the most popular team communication tool in the technology sector. TeamSupport´s integration with Slack makes it simple for Slack users who rely on TeamSupport to keep track of all their work communication on a single platform.

Slack helps users organize work conversation groups into team channels and integrates productivity apps like Google Drive, making Slack a popular workplace collaboration tool. And that´s why it makes sense for TeamSupport, a customer support solution that prioritizes collaboration, to integrate with Slack.

With the new Slack integration feature, TeamSupport customers who use Slack can easily set up and configure an automated TeamSupport feed to any Slack channel, ensuring that their TeamSupport activities are stored on Slack.

A “Post to Slack” option appears in the Ticket Automation function in TeamSupport to facilitate seamless data transfer. That way, Slack users can be notified in real-time when specified criteria are met, without having to leave the platform.

Designed by B2B support professionals especially for organizations that provide external customer support, TeamSupport offers an array of tools that make it easy for teams to work together, share information, and access their collective knowledge to solve customer challenges. TeamSupport´s solution makes it simpler for support agents to resolve individual tickets while managing the overall customer relationship.

TeamSupport, based in Dallas, Texas, is an online help desk and customer support application built specifically for business to business support. Built by a team of veteran software company executives, TeamSupport has won many industry awards, including recently being ranked to CRM Magazine´s elite list of 2014 Rising Stars recognizing the industry´s most innovative and growing CRM-related software solutions.