TeamSupport Gets Increased Adoption Among Enterprise Customers

TeamSupport, the industry´s top business-to-business (B2B) focused customer support software solution, has increased its enterprise-level customer base to 71% of its total base, up from 60% two years ago, the company said.

As a result, enterprise customers account for 85% of ARR, up from 75% over the same period.

Because of the company´s strong focus on the enterprise B2B market, customers are signaling confidence in their relationship with TeamSupport, with 76% of all customers signing multi-month contracts, an increase from 59% two years ago.

Built to serve robust B2B support teams, the TeamSupport platform allows support professionals to develop positive relationships with client teams through a suite of collaborative tools. With it, enterprise support teams can effectively share information with each other and customers, enabling them to serve the client holistically while efficiently addressing day-to-day tickets.

The strong enterprise-level customer base will enable TeamSupport to expand upon its current B2B customer support software solution. In addition to an aggressive product roadmap into 2020, TeamSupport has significantly ramped up its business development and sales teams.

TeamSupport was designed from the ground up by B2B support professionals, especially for mission-critical organizations where customer relationships are imperative. The TeamSupport enterprise solution offers an array of tools that make it simple for teams to work together, share information, and access their collective knowledge to solve customer challenges. TeamSupport makes it easier to support teams to resolve individual tickets while managing the overall customer relationship. Find out more at