Tautachrome rebrands program for SafeDate

Tautachrome, Inc. (OTC: TTCM) launches in-house developed SafeDate platform under new branding, the company said.

SafeDate, along with MeetSafe and other personal safety concepts are identified in sections of patents presently under application by Tautachrome.

The company´s SafeDate app was developed and deployed in Australia through the Polybia Studios subsidiary as part of the technical base-building program for the creation of the company´s flagship KlickZie technology.

Tautachrome´s appquisitions division entered into a letter of intent to acquire US=based Safedate, LLC, which operates a background check dating business. Since closing the merger that created Tautachrome in May 2015, the company has consolidating its app exploitation competence, acquiring PhotoSweep, LLC.

Tautachrome, Inc. is an Internet technology development company with operations in America and Australia. Tautachrome has patents pending, including Talk-to-the-Picture social networking and imagery-based interaction.