Tata Capital Innovations Fund invests USD 5m in Alef Mobitech Solutions

Tata Capital-managed Tata Capital Innovations Fund (TCIF) has invested USD 5 million in Alef Mobitech Inc. subsidiary and mobile Internet developer Alef Mobitech Solutions Private Limited.

Headquartered in USA with offices in New Jersey, Mumbai and Pune, Alef Mobitech Inc. has pioneered a mobility-cloud interconnect platform and solution suite which enhances user engagement by increasing relevance and responsiveness of mobile Internet applications.

Tata Capital Innovations Fund (TCIF) is registered with SEBI as a domestic venture capital fund under the SEBI Regulations. The Fund is sector agnostic and invests in companies which have sustainable technology advantage.

Alef Mobitech Inc. is a New York area next-generation mobile Internet enhancement pioneer, with offices in New Jersey, Mumbai and Pune.