Tapjoy marks one-billionth app install

Tapjoy said it has delivered its one-billionth app install as part of its user acquisition advertising capabilities.

An early innovator in in-app marketing and user acquisition, Tapjoy has been the preferred user acquisition solution for some of the biggest and best app developers and marketers across the globe on both Android and iOS.

In the last six months alone, Tapjoy has driven more than 80 million installs for app developers looking to acquire high-quality, new users. Of the one billion installs that Tapjoy has driven since 2009, 53 percent were on the Android platform, while 47 percent were on iOS, and the most popular device for installs was the Samsung Galaxy 3.

Tapjoy´s Video-to-Install product has seen the largest growth, increasing more than 85 percent from the last half of 2014 to the first half of 2015. Its Video-to-Install product offers advertisers the ability to market their app with a rewarded video that provides consumers with a full sense of the product. Consumers who chose to install an app after watching the video are high quality users and drive superior Lifetime Value for the app developer.

Tapjoy offers an array of app marketing and advertising products to help developers achieve their user acquisition goals and maximize the lifetime value of every one of their users. Tapjoy´s Marketing Automation and Monetization Platform combines predictive analytics, marketing automation, IAP driven monetization and Tapjoy´s rewarded advertising solutions offering into the industry´s most comprehensive mobile marketing automation platform.