Tantalum, InterResolve and RapidSOS to deliver post-accident experience

Tantalum Corporation, the end-to-end services provider in the connected car market, axitech (an InterResolve company), an innovator in accident technology platforms, and RapidSOS, an advanced emergency technology company, have announced a partnership to deliver the world´s first fully automated post-accident experience embedded into the connected car, the company said.

Tantalum´s Connected Car platform provides an end-to-end cloud based solution and an open marketplace for aggregation and monetization of vehicle-related services. By integrating its crash detection algorithms with axitech´s unique platform, Tantalum is able to provide instantaneous and comprehensive accident assistance appropriate to the driver´s needs.

Tantalum detects the collision, assesses the severity, and automatically transmits critical details in real time to axitech who facilitates immediate action, either to an automated first notification of loss centre or to emergency responders. Based on the severity of the accident, axitech and RapidSOS obtain crash detection information and verify whether the driver requires emergency assistance.

If the driver needs assistance, RapidSOS connects the driver to 911 via voice and transmits precise location and additional data — including driver/passenger demographic information and other relevant car telematics data.

In the event that a driver is unable to respond, emergency contacts are notified, allowing them to connect to the closest 911 center to the driver — sending the driver´s precise location and relevant data.

Tantalum is an innovator in the connected car space as an end-to-end services provider. As a best-in-class technology company, and building on proven value propositions, Tantalum´s mission is to offer the most innovative and open marketplace for aggregation and monetisation of vehicle-related services.

axitech is an InterResolve company using technology to digitize the post-accident experience for drivers, enabling accelerated responses from service providers, a streamlined and low-cost claims process, and the monetization of claims data.

RapidSOS is an award-winning emergency technology company that builds transformative technology to save lives. Partnering with Internet of Things (IoT) companies and the public safety community, RapidSOS provides a proprietary rich data link to public safety — sending lifesaving data to aid in emergency response. By analyzing data around when and where emergencies are occurring, RapidSOS is developing technology to predict and preempt emergencies and dynamically warn people in harm´s way — a complete paradigm shift from emergency response to emergency prediction and preemption.