Tangoe Increases Automation Capabilities

Tangoe has announced it has invested in and bolstered its automation capabilities to help deliver more cost savings for customers, the company said.

Tangoe®, one complete solution for order, invoice, inventory and expense management across telecom, mobile and cloud environments, introduced new robotic process automation (RPA) capabilities, workflow and business rules engines, artificial intelligence (AI) and APIs deployed across its customer base to help them more effectively execute processes, create efficiencies and find cost savings.

Automation of expense management takes repeatable and standardized practices and applies machine learning and RPA to create efficiencies and save money. RPA provides end-to-end workflows for all of the common processes Tangoe manages — including downloading and processing invoices, auditing and optimizing expenses, order processing, and updating inventory — while machine learning and AI offer customer support for personalized assistance. Tangoe has automated approximately 90% of its processes on behalf of customers.

Tangoe helps nearly half of the Fortune 500 work smarter, save money and be confident by simplifying complex technology processes through automation. The Tangoe Platform is one complete solution that helps customers place technology orders, pay invoices, track inventory and find cost savings for telecom, mobile and cloud — including IoT and 5G. To learn more about Tangoe, visit tangoe.com.