Tamarack Aerospace, Cessna demonstrate active winglet

In the next few weeks, customers will be able to experience — first hand — the performance improvements of the Cessna Citation equipped with Tamarack Aerospace´s Active Winglets, on a tour of four Textron service centers in Europe, the airline said.

The modified CJ1 will be visiting Dusseldorf on 31 May; Paris on 1 June; Valencia on 2 June; and Doncaster on 3 June. At each venue the aircraft will be available for inspection and demonstration flights.

ATLAS Active Winglet inventor Nick Guida will be on hand to demonstrate the aircraft´s new capabilities and to brief customers on the value proposition of this exciting new product.

On the straight CJ, the wing extension and winglets reduce fuel burn from 135gph to 100gph, and allow the aircraft to climb directly to 41,000ft in around 30 minutes or less on only 550lb of fuel. The handling qualities are also improved, with most pilots who have flown the aircraft claiming that it has a more “rock solid feel.”

ATLAS Active Winglets are certified in Europe for the CJ, CJ1 and CJ1+, with the M2 to be approved in the next few weeks. FAA validation of the EASA STC is expected this summer.

Tamarack Aerospace has certified the next generation of winglets, which are two to three times more efficient than previous types. The patented design, ´Active Technology Load Alleviation System´ or ATLASâ„¢, is made up of a wing tip extension, a highly tuned winglet, and a load alleviation system that counteracts the additional loads induced by the winglet in rare peak-loading events such as a gust or maneuver. This means that heavy wing reinforcement is not required, thus increasing efficiency and significantly reducing retrofit times. ATLAS Active Winglets are scalable and can be installed on any aircraft type.