TalkTalk deploys Expresse

TalkTalk has deployed ASSIA´s flagship DSL Expresse Dynamic Line Management system, increasing the average speed of its ADSL lines while improving the stability of its network, the company said.

The system also helps to ensure the company strikes the right balance between stability and speed, both of which are critical for improving the customer experience and in helping to reduce the number of customer complaints. Further, DSL Expresse diagnostic features assist TalkTalk in identifying and addressing issues due to physical line impairment and noise in customer premises, thereby improving operational efficiency.

TalkTalk is taking a broad approach to the customer experience, merging and correlating data from many sources. ASSIA´s products provide TalkTalk with key indicators in the management of their DSL access network and both partners are committed to better understand and address major sources of issues experienced by customers in order to improve the service provided.

ASSIA is a trusted partner with the market share of management and optimization software solutions for global broadband and residential access networks. ASSIA´s Expresse® broadband system enables significant operational expense reduction for Internet Service Providers in the areas of subscriber care, of increased customer satisfaction, and of more connections upgrade to higher revenue-generating service tiers. For more information, visit