Talkspace Launches Digital EAP to Remove Systematic Barriers to Well-Being Services

Talkspace, the global provider of digital behavioral health, has announced the launch of its Digital Employee Assistance Program (Digital EAP) that will offer companies online therapy and a range of well-being solutions to support employees amid a time where the need to access services remotely has increased exponentially due to the coronavirus outbreak, the company said.

Through Talkspace´s confidential and secure Digital EAP portal, employees will be able to find immediate professional support for the personal issues that matter most to them, including HIPAA-compliant, same-day mental health services.

Talkspace´s launch of Digital EAP comes at a time when many employees can no longer access traditionally co-located office services. The service is specifically designed to maximize utilization beyond EAP industry averages of 1-3% by solving for the many barriers that employees face when trying to access short-term wellness support through a traditional EAP model.

Talkspace will also offer employers management training, critical incident support, and innovative self-care solutions from partners like Happify Health. Happify is a self-guided digital mental health tool featuring more than 65 content tracks that combine scientific-based activities from positive psychology, CBT and mindfulness with a gamified approach.

Several barriers prevent employees from using their EAP, including discovery, employee geography, multi-layer authorization processes, limited-to-no provider choice, and difficulty scheduling appointments, among others. Talkspace´s Digital EAP aims to remove these barriers by offering a simplified solution that is easily accessible, like the ability for employees to message a mental health therapist of their choosing on the same day of enrollment.

Talkspace is a digital behavioral technology healthcare company. Its signature psychotherapy product connects individual users with a network of thousands of licensed therapists through an easy-to-use and HIPAA-compliant web and mobile platform. With Talkspace, users can send their dedicated therapists unlimited text, video, picture, audio messages and live video chat from anywhere, at any time. Talkspace also provides psychiatry services, including prescription fulfillment, adolescent therapy and couples counseling. To date, the service has been used by over 1.5 million people.