Talk Fusion launches WebRTC recorder

Video marketing provider Talk Fusion has introduced its all-new WebRTC Recorder, a faster way for Talk Fusion users to reach and impress their own customers, the company said.

Talk Fusion customers can now put WebRTC (browser-based real-time communication) technology to work for them when they record high-quality videos for Video Email and Video Newsletters using Chrome or Firefox browsers.

Seamless synchronization, instant recording, and even faster playback are just a few of the many WebRTC Recorder benefits Talk Fusion users will experience.

The all-new WebRTC Recorder is just one of the ways Talk Fusion continues to harness the incredible power of WebRTC technology to innovate and improve the way individuals, businesses, and charities around the world communicate. In fact, earlier this year Talk Fusion Video Chat earned the prestigious “WebRTC Product of the Year 2016” award from Technology Marketing Corporation.

Existing Talk Fusion customers using Chrome or Firefox browsers already have access to the many benefits of the WebRTC Recorder. They can begin using this exciting new feature immediately by simply choosing Video Email or Video Newsletters from the Talk Fusion Product Dashboard and clicking the “webcam” recording option.

Talk Fusion was established in 2007.