Talari Failsafe SD-WAN marks 2 consecutive quarters of 90+ NPS

Talari Networks, the original innovator of Failsafe™ SD-WAN technology, has announced a new threshold in delivering superior customer support and solution reliability, with verification of its first corporate NPS® survey results, achieving a 90-plus score over the last two quarters, the company said.

Talari surveyed its customer base of enterprises and public-sector entities in the US, UK and Canada.

Increased adoption of cloud and SaaS-based applications has had a significant impact on the volume and volatility of enterprise WAN traffic.

The consumption trends toward voice, video and cloud-edge connectivity have increased bandwidth requirements while simultaneously putting pressure on WAN costs and the Quality of Experience (QoE) of many traditional applications sensitive to latency.

Talari´s Failsafe SD-WAN technology delivers MPLS-class reliability and predictable application performance for both hybrid WANs and all-Internet WANs, based on its continuous, unidirectional, per-packet measurement of all traffic on all possible paths between locations. Further, Talari´s analytics and visualization tools help customers identify where WAN problems are occurring, making the Failsafe SD-WAN solution an essential remediation tool in the network.

NPS measures a customer´s willingness to recommend a company and gauges customer satisfaction and loyalty. According to an article in Inc. magazine, an NPS score above 0 is considered good, above 50 is excellent, and above 70 is world-class. The NPS score is also viewed as a key indicator of revenue growth potential.

Talari is the original innovator of Failsafeâ„¢ SD-WANs that deliver both MPLS-class high availability and QoE (Quality of Experience) predictable application performance for both TCP-based apps and real-time apps like VoIP and videoconferencing, whether built on a hybrid MPLS plus Internet WAN fabric, or a WAN comprised of only Internet connections.