Takl app expands into San Antonio

Takl, Inc., a maker of the app-based mobile platform that connects providers and users, has entered the San Antonio area as the company continues its Texas expansion and national rollout, the company said.

Takl has signed up more than 1,200 local San Antonio home service providers to perform small jobs and chores for users of the app in the San Antonio and surrounding area and has signed up over 13,000 providers throughout Texas to service the Dallas, Houston and San Antonio metropolitan areas.

Takl providers are available on-demand to provide homes and businesses with a wide range of chores and tasks at pre-set prices.

The Takl app is the only on-demand, pre-priced mobile platform for both business and home use with small jobs for USD 400 or less.

Customers can also post a custom chore or job with a price that providers can either accept or bid on in a real-time auction format. The app also allows for task customization and additional add-on chores by the customer once the provider arrives on site.

The on-demand app connects self-employed providers who have passed background checks with both home and business users who need chores and small jobs completed. Popular chores and small jobs include lawn care, house or office cleaning, junk removal, small repairs and custom jobs.

Nashville-based Takl was founded in August 2015.