Network Rail staff face the sack if they live 75mins away from headquarters

A union has claimed that Network Rail staff are being threatened with redundancy if they live further than 75 minutes travelling time from the new Milton Keynes headquarters.

According to the Transport Salaried Staffs’ Association, rail managers have been told they must get to the new multi-million pound site within 90 minutes – which is located next to Milton Keynes railway station.

The TSSA announced that 850 members of staff could face redundancy if failed to reach the Buckinghamshire base on time.

However Network Rail revealed that they only expected 150 members of staff to face problems meeting the latest regulation.

Rail offices from around the country will be brought together into the new Milton Keynes site, housing around 3,000 staff. Whereas Network Rails’ head office will remain in London.

Manuel Cortes, the TSSA general secretary said: “This is an unfair and arbitrary decision which we believe to be unlawful. They are telling their staff they cannot follow their jobs in the worst recession in 70 years.

“With unemployment heading towards three million, where else are they going to find work in these hard times?”

Mr Cortes has warned Network Rail of legal action in order to defend its members right to move to Milton Keynes. “We are hoping that Network Rail will start to see sense on this issue”.

A spokesman for Network Rail said: “We are pulling together dozens of offices from around the country into one national centre at Milton Keynes that will deliver a better, more efficient way or working and save the taxpayers tens of millions of pounds a year.

“Around 150 people are affected by the travel limits, but we hope they will choose to stay with the company and be a part of our plans to deliver a bigger, better railway in the years ahead”.

Article by Charlotte Greenhalgh