How to Improve Success Rates in ForexTrading

Whether they’re experienced traders or can be classed as novices, one of the many questions which Forex traders have is how they can go about improving their trading and in turn how they can increase their chance of success. Of course, there is no such thing as a “sure thing”, however there are a number of steps which may be taken to maximise the chances of success.

Step 1: Analyse

One of the major elements which separate the professional trader from the hobbyist is the planning and the homework which the professional puts into their trading. In addition to having and perfecting their strategies, it is necessary to examine those strategies on a regular basis, analyse their success and above all, not be afraid of removing or modifying a strategy which is not working out or having the desired effect.

Step 2: Diarise

Unlike the stock markets, the Forex market can be traded on at any time: the timing of this is up to the individual trader and it may be that they prefer a certain time to trade or have a strategy which depends upon a certain country’s market. Therefore, being organised with trading times, diarising and being willing to trade at “out of hours” times is essential for success. Even traders who are happy to trade as and when they feel like it can benefit from a diary system.

Step 3: Use the Data

Forex charts, which are often available as part of a professional platform (such as the ones provided by can be an invaluable tool in strategizing as they enable the trader to use all of the relevant data, including historical performance, when planning their next trade.

Step 4: Manage the Risk

When a trader is using their own finances, it can be all too easy for them to become emotional about their trades. However, the best traders are those who can separate their personal finances and emotions and their trading experience. Learning to manage the risk and be stoical about the wins and the losses can help the trader to lose the inhibitions which may be preventing them from making the right and necessary choices.

Step 5: Knowledge is Power

Those who are more likely to enjoy success in the short and long term are ultimately likely to be those who have taken the time to study and learn their craft. An education in any area is always useful but in Forex where a variety of technical terms and knowledge could be the key to success can never be underestimated.

Step 6: Beware of Overthinking

As important as education and analysis are in Forex, there is a danger of overthinking strategies to the point of destroying confidence and taking any sense of enjoyment out of the process. In addition, the traders who overthink their own way of trading are likely to be the ones who talk themselves out of making key plays which could lead to success, and find themselves too afraid or nervous to show the courage they need to when trading.

Why use a foreign exchange service when buying property abroad?

Buying property abroad is a popular ambition in the UK. The option of living a life of leisure in a place that offers guaranteed sunshine, or just having a holiday home at your disposal at all times, can be hugely tempting. Some might be drawn to the money-making opportunities foreign real estate can offer, either from rental income or from capital growth.

Regardless of precisely why you are buying a property in another country, you are unlikely to achieve your desired goals unless you have planned everything very carefully – including the process of exchanging currency to pay for your purchase. After all, this is a highly costly and complex transaction, and nobody wants to end up paying over the odds unnecessarily if they can possibly help it.

Expert help

Sometimes, overseas property buyers can be easily swayed by their emotions, with their natural eagerness and excitement clouding their judgment. As a result, they can end up making very expensive mistakes, so it might be a good idea for you to get a foreign exchange service involved in the transaction.

They not only have extensive expertise and know-how on the finer points of purchasing real estate abroad, but also offer highly competitive exchange rates when compared with traditional banks, and they generally don’t charge commission either. This can potentially lead to considerable savings, freeing up cash that you can put towards other vital expenses.

Dealing with changing rates

In these turbulent economic times, exchange rates can be highly volatile and if you’re purchasing a foreign property, you can’t spend all your time monitoring fluctuations in order to decide when you should start transferring money. However, a foreign exchange specialist will be able to determine exactly when is the right time to start making international payments for a property purchase, so you can be confident of getting the best possible deal.

They can also offer you a forward contract that enables you to fix your exchange rate for a certain period of time. This guarantees some stability in these uncertain times, so even if a massive economic shock occurs and leads to chaos on the worldwide currency markets, it will not affect the cost of your transaction.

Changes in currency rates can add thousands of pounds to the cost of any deal and, in the worst case scenario, can end up making your dream of buying a foreign property completely unaffordable. So, securing your exchange rate and sticking to a particular figure can act as a valuable safety net to stop this happening. It also allows you to keep on top of your wider finances, as knowing exactly how much your property is going to cost will let you plan for other expenses, such as tax and insurance.

Ease the stress

Purchasing a property at home can be incredibly stressful and buying abroad can be just as difficult, if not more so, given the fact you have to consider exchange rates, rules and regulations in different countries, and the likelihood of key legal documents being written in another language.

Foreign exchange specialists can take some of the stress of managing such a complex transaction away and offer valuable support throughout the process. Experts will have good knowledge of the area in which you are purchasing and will be well-placed to answer any questions you may have. The advice you get won’t be of the one-size-fits-all variety and will instead be specifically tailored to your individual needs – and be straightforward and easy to understand.