British firms leading the world on climate change

With the world’s eyes transfixed on the negotiations at the COP21 climate talks in Paris this week, it’s worth taking a look at the firms and industries in the UK that are already tackling this issue head-on, both for themselves and their customers.

One such company is the Green House Hotel, based in Bournemouth. On the face of things, it is just another excellent south coast hotel that is capitalising on beautiful weather, a pleasant climate and some wealthy clientele – but look a bit closer and more will be revealed. Not only can you expect solar-powered heating and electricity, the food served in the restaurant comes from local organic suppliers, and their on-site vehicle even runs on used vegetable oil.

Guests are still treated to the finest level of service and the property is located in a convenient and central location, but it’s the green angle that really hooks their customers – and they find that this keeps them returning time and time again.

Another firm that is right on the front-line of the fight against climate change is, which has adopted the challenge of educating the next generation of adults. Bringing the shocking facts of global warming to life, the team behind the brand regularly put on events and visit schools in order to spread the word and ensure the next generation don’t simply bury their heads in the sand as their predecessors have.

Using a mix of games, quizzes and activities, the team pass along hints and tips on how you can avoid wasting energy at home, at work and in school – and with these words clearly being passed along from the schoolchildren to their decision-making parents, the impact of their work is already beginning to pay dividends.

In terms of making changes at home, another firm that wants to reduce the amount of energy that we are all wasting around the house is Verismart. Their range of radiators contain dual-heating elements encased within a ceramic core, meaning that not only is heat evenly-distributed therefore making them incredibly efficient, but its ultra-accurate thermostat instantly turns the device on and off around your desired temperature range, saving you money on your bills.

Visiting the ‘Heating Calculator’ page on their website allows you to calculate the exact size of radiator required for each room, meaning that you won’t waste energy that way, while its aluminium body makes them lightweight, strong and durable so you won’t have to spend money replacing it for years and years.

Planet Earth is supposedly close to hitting an irreversible two degree increase in temperature, supposedly sparking scenes from ‘Mad Max’ across wide portions of the globe, so before stocking up on bottled water and tinned goods, try making a few changes around your house – and with so many cutting-edge firms right here in the UK, it makes sense to start at home.