Bargain hunting British travellers widen horizons in search of deals

Spain is still the UK’s most popular overseas tourist destination, but with bargain hunting Brits keen to find the best deals, UK travellers are widening their palette of options, according to data provided by Asda Money.

The UK government recently increased Air Passenger Duty adding more to the cost of foreign holidays, which could deter some from heading overseas or look to seek cheaper alternatives. The cost of going overseas is increasing and so a number of people might look for cheaper holiday destinations.

Whilst Spain has always been one of the most popular places for British tourists to visit, this could change as bargain hunting Brits search for cheaper holiday destinations such as Hungary and Latvia.

In a poll of 2018 adults, commissioned by ABTA, 12% of customers said they would be going overseas between July 27 and August 12 to get away from the London 2012 Games.

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