Tactio, BR HomMed expand partnership with Brazil Digital Health

BR HomMed has extended its partnership with Tactio, adding an investment close to one million Canadian dollars to support the growth of its remote patient monitoring programs in Brazil over the next five years, the company said.

BR HomMed´s Patient Remote Monitoring solutions enable stakeholders to promote customer self-care through the use of a mobile application that collects health data. This data gives decision makers a holistic understanding of their people´s health and supports decisions based on Big Data. In addition, BR HomMed has a multidisciplinary team to remotely manage in real-time elderly, pregnant, and chronically ill patients using medical devices connected to IoT.

BR HomMed is a Brazilian company offering a complete portfolio of Remote Patient Monitoring and Telemedicine solutions, including hardware, software, connected medical devices and end-to-end nurse call center telehealth services. Operating since 2012 and based in São Paulo, BR HomMed is a part of a consolidated business group with over 20 years´ experience in the healthcare area.

Tactio Health Group helps innovative healthcare organizations make the patient experience mobile, digital and connected with a telehealth platform that combines the power of apps, health IoT, and cloud services. Powering patient-centered telehealth initiatives from payers, providers, and pharma, its wide range of clinical applications includes chronic disease monitoring, population health screening, clinical research and post-acute care. Founded in 2009, Tactio is headquartered in Montreal, servicing payers, providers and pharma through a global network of channel partners in North America, Europe, and South America.