Tactical gear retailer to drive energy and cost efficiency with ENGIE Insight

ENGIE Insight, an energy and sustainability management company, has announced that 5.11, Inc., the world´s innovator of purpose-built gear, has selected ENGIE Insight to manage and analyze its resource expenses, the company said.

ENGIE Insight will service 5.11´s utility, waste, and telecom bills across its retail locations to provide the company with the information needed to reduce costs and help achieve its sustainability goals.

ENGIE Insight will deliver a suite of related procurement and financial services, including utility rate monitoring and optimization, RFP and contract management, annual budget development, utility and waste bill pay and data management. ENGIE Insight will also support the overall management of 5.11 Inc.´s, telecom systems including account set up and invoice processing.

With offices around the globe, 5.11, Inc. works directly with end users to create purpose-built apparel and gear designed specifically to enhance the safety, accuracy, speed, and performance of tactical professionals and enthusiasts worldwide. 5.11, Inc. products exceed rigorous standards, which have allowed the brand to establish a reputation for innovation and authenticity and become the premier choice for those that always have to be ready. 5.11, Inc. is a portfolio company of Compass Diversified Holdings (NYSE:CODI). Learn more about 5.11, Inc´s. best-selling tactical gear and accessories at www.511tactical.com.

ENGIE Insight Services Inc. (formerly Ecova Inc.) works with multi-site businesses that aim to thrive in a sustainable world. With accurate and comprehensive resource data — including energy, water, waste, and telecommunications — ENGIE Insight applies technology and expertise to lower costs, drive efficiencies, and reduce environmental impact. customers, including more than 25 percent of the Fortune 500, turn to ENGIE Insight to drive their sustainable resource management initiatives forward. For more information, visit us at engieinsight.com.