T2RL report finds flight disruption costs travel industry 8% in global revenues

A report commissioned by Amadeus and written by airline IT consultancy T2Rl has found bad weather, natural disasters and strike action have cost the travel industry an estimated USD60 billion annually, or 8.0 percent of global industry revenues, the company said.

The report, Airline Disruption Management, reported disruption spreads virally throughout the travel ecosystem: the knock-on impact of planes and crews not arriving as intended means networks see further cancellations and delays often from a relatively minor initial problem.

The report also finds that industry regulations such as the tarmac delay rule in the US and mandatory compensation for delays across the EU are incentivizing airlines to develop standard procedures for handling disruption situations.

Travel Technology Research Ltd, trading as T2RL, is an independent research and consulting company that specializes in the market place for IT systems. Its research is used by airlines and vendors that supply airlines.

Amadeus is a provider of advanced technology solutions for the global travel industry. Customer groups include travel providers (e.g. airlines, hotels, rail and ferry operators, etc.), travel sellers (travel agencies and websites), and travel buyers (corporations and travel management companies).