T-Systems, OSI to deliver video analytics globally

T-Systems, Deutsche Telekom´s corporate customer arm, and Organizational Strategies, Inc. (OSI) have formed a global partnership to offer video analytics as a service, the companies said.

OSI has offered a portfolio of innovative, technical, mission-oriented solutions and services for commercial, private, and government sectors since 1996. Its video analytics technical capabilities provide an intelligent, repeatable approach and contextual analysis by using content tools to power an optimized, 360º view of data including video, audio, financial data, social media, flat files, and unstructured data. OSI creates a dynamic and data enriched display, delivering real-time decision making information.

Vātēs, a visual analytic framework, provides both initial detection capabilities and the power to quickly identify, isolate, and communicate about objects from any digital video source. With some basic configuration, Vātēs is customized to meet the specific drivers of any business or government agency, and is readily adapted for utilization on tablets and smartphones.

T-Systems supplies integrated solutions for business customers based on global offerings in fixed-network and mobile communications, highly secure data centers, a unique cloud infrastructure built around standardized platforms and global partnerships, and top security in line with the strictest German data protection regulations. As such, T-Systems is providing OSI with a highly scalable, highly available single cloud hosting their entire environment.

As part of the strategic partnership, OSI is expanding into the global market, leveraging T-Systems´ footprint which expands more than 20 countries, and boasts 46,000 employees and an external revenue of 7.1 billion euros (2015).

OSI´s analytics are designed for small to large enterprise installations with an unlimited number of applications, including safety and security in the form of crime prevention, traffic monitoring and crowd control, smoke and fire detection, and facial recognition, as well as demographic and biometric data capture. OSI´s big data analytics provide its customers with predictive information for traffic, behavioral analysis, physical security, and sports visualization, as well as unlock key marketing data to identify loyal customers, define market trends, drive target marketing, and increase revenue and profits.