T-Mobile partners with TV stations to move spectrum frequencies faster and for less

T-Mobile (NASDAQ: TMUS) has announced a partnership with FOX Television Stations (FTS) to assist in repacking its 600 MHz spectrum, accelerating the final repack by 16 months and reducing overall costs for the Incentive Auction Relocation fund by tens of millions, the company said.

As part of the agreement, WWOR-TV will repack in early 2018, over a year sooner than the originally proposed FCC deadline of August 2019, and will do it for much less. This agreement ensures the 19 million plus WWOR-TV households keep access to the programming they count on while enabling T-Mobile to enhance wireless coverage and capacity in the New York City area more quickly.

This agreement is part of T-Mobile´s broader commitment to work with broadcasters occupying 600 MHz spectrum to assist them in moving to new frequencies. Earlier this year, PBS and America´s Public Television Stations (APTS) announced a partnership with T-Mobile to assist rural translators in the move to new airwaves.