T-Mobile has new Samsung Galaxy Notes

T-Mobile (NASDAQ: TMUS) has announced that the new Samsung Galaxy Note10 and Galaxy Note10+ is available for pre-order, the company said.

Samsung also unveiled the Galaxy Note10+ 5G and committed to deliver it exclusively to Un-carrier customers in Q4 this year in a version that lights up T-Mobile´s 600 MHz 5G spectrum.

With the Note10 and Note10+ come bigger and better specs than before, and these superphones tap into all of T-Mobile´s Advanced LTE goodness, like 4X4 MIMO, carrier aggregation and 256 QAM.

To go along with all that speed, both devices also light up the Un-carrier´s 600 MHz Extended Range LTE spectrum to give customers an even better network experience. Extended Range LTE travels twice as far from the tower and is four times better in buildings than mid-band spectrum, so it can provide better coverage in rural areas, hard-to-reach places and deep inside buildings.

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