Sysnet Global Solutions launches service for acquiring organisations

Sysnet Global Solutions said it has launched a new out-sourced Merchant Contact Service, tailored specifically for acquiring and ISO organisations.

The fully scalable, on-demand service enables acquiring organisations to respond to market conditions while also proactively engaging with customers through their customers preferred channel; phone, web-chat, email, SMS and social media.

The Merchant Contact service includes; Outbound and Inbound EMV compliance campaign support for Acquirers and ISO´s – to encourage merchant terminal upgrades and to support services for EMV related questions, Compliance Outreach Service – to educate merchants on the benefits of compliance and to provide support through the PCI DSS compliance process, Outbound Telesales Service – to support the launch of new products and services by Acquirers, Inbound Response Handling Service – to handle incoming calls for Acquirer campaigns and an Inbound Overflow Service – offering an over-flow capability to assist Acquirers who may have call-handling capacity challenges .

Established in 1989, Sysnet Global Solutions provides payment card industry, cyber security and compliance solutions that help businesses to improve security and acquiring organisations to reduce risk.