Sysdig Provides Prometheus Monitoring Offering

Sysdig, Inc., the secure DevOps leader, has announced cloud monitoring at scale with full Prometheus compatibility, the company said.

Sysdig addresses the issues that hold teams back from the organization-wide adoption of Prometheus monitoring: scale, data retention, and enterprise access controls. Sysdig also introduces support for creating dashboards, alerts, and metric analytics based on PromQL, the query language for Prometheus.

Organizations are moving to the cloud and DevOps workflows to ship applications faster. However, meeting customer expectations requires complete visibility into infrastructure, services, and applications across multi and hybrid clouds and on-premises data centers.

Sysdig enables companies to confidently run cloud-native workloads in production. With the Sysdig Secure DevOps Platform, cloud teams embed security, validate compliance and maximize performance and availability. The Sysdig platform is open by design with the scale, performance, and usability enterprises demand. The largest companies rely on Sysdig for cloud-native security and visibility. Learn more at