Sysdig Launches PromCat

Sysdig, Inc., the secure DevOps leader, has launched, short for Prometheus Catalog, a curated repository of vetted Prometheus exporters, dashboards, and alerts to monitor any infrastructure, application, and service running in the cloud, the company said.

Sysdig offers documentation, suggested configurations, and Sysdig customer support. There are hundreds of Prometheus exporters at all levels of completion that collect metrics from various applications and services offered by cloud vendors. Having validated integrations — exporters, dashboards, and alerts — with documentation, helps customers to decide which integration to use, how to configure them, and keep up with changes.

DevOps teams can save weeks of time by reducing this research. PromCat hosts integrations for Kubernetes control plane, Istio, and a growing list of AWS services.

When developers collaborate and share, they improve visibility and strengthen security in their environments. The popularity of Prometheus has led to an abundance of shared resources; however, it can be hard to determine which resources are production-ready and capable of supporting the enterprise.

Implementing a scalable Prometheus monitoring system is a challenge, requiring tight integrations between metrics sources and collection, dashboards, alerts, and retention. It is a puzzle that requires navigating compatibility differences that take effort to set up and maintain over time. The goal of PromCat is to make it easier for developers to access the collective expertise of the cloud-native community.

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