Syniverse study shows Asia Pacific accounts for only6% of global LTE data roaming

LTE from Asia Pacific makes up just six percent of all data roaming traffic globally, according to a study released by Syniverse that analyzed inter- and intra-regional traffic across over 1,000 mobile operators in six key geographic regions, the company said.

Asia Pacific represents a diverse region that is home to 2.7 billion mobile users and includes some of the world´s most advanced mobile operators and markets. However, just over a quarter (26 percent) of Asia Pacific´s total outbound data roaming traffic to the rest of the world is LTE. The analysis shows that the Asia Pacific region (including Australia and excluding India), lags behind other regions globally in LTE roaming traffic.

Asia Pacific also imports just 8 percent of the world´s total LTE data roaming traffic. In comparison, Latin America imports 55 percent, North America 23 percent, and Europe 11 percent. Of the incoming LTE traffic to Asia Pacific, 62 percent is intra-regional, meaning that it originates from other Asia Pacific countries.

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Syniverse is a global transaction processor that connects approximately 1,500 mobile service providers, enterprises, ISPs and OTTs in nearly 200 countries and territories, enabling seamless mobile communications across disparate and rapidly evolving networks, devices and applications.